Memorial Tributes

Memorial Benches

Benches can be a welcome place to rest for a while or offer an opportunity to sit and enjoy the surrounding landscape. They can also offer a place to quietly reflect on the life of a loved one or remember a special milestone.

If you wish to mark a special occasion, commemorate a celebration, honour someone important to you or create a lasting memory of a loved one, you can have a bench placed on the grounds of the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre for patients, families, visitors and staff to enjoy. The CRHCC has three beautiful garden areas, a walking track, and outdoor pathways. Placement of your bench would be by mutual agreement. A plaque with your inscription will be placed on the bench. The benches are of the highest quality, are maintenance free and long lasting.

Memorial Trees

Trees are the giant overseers of our gardens. They create shade to offset summer heat, offer shelter from rain, and sparkle with snowy branches during the winter. The trees we plant today will be enjoyed for many, many years to come.

Donating memorial trees is a beautiful way to remember our loved ones or commemorate a special event. For a cost of $500, we will plant and maintain a nursery quality tree complete with a plaque on the grounds of the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre. Tree locations will be chosen by mutual agreement and planted during the best planting season.

We thank all donors who have provided benches and/or trees to enhance the appearance of the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre for all to enjoy.

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